Summer Fun

This summer Limehouse Day Nursery went on lots of fun tripsĀ and had many adventures. We went to Victoria Park; Mile End Park; Mudchute Park and Farm; Pontoon Dock; the London Aquarium; fed the ducks on the River Thames and Limehouse Basin; and saw Angry Birds at the cinema.

Woburn Safari Park

The whole of Limehouse Day Nursery, all the children, staff and some parents spent an exciting day at Woburn Safari Park on 29th July. We went on a ‘Wild Ride’ on ‘The Road Safari’ and met lots of animals along the way. Our special favourites were the cheeky monkies. We saw how animals behave in the wild and what they like to eat. We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed walking and playing in the park.

A Great Day Out at Woburn Safari Park


Victoria Park

We had a lovely time playing in Victoria Park and loved the feel of the sand between our toes as we paddled on the ‘beach’.

A Great Day Out at Victoria Park

IMG_7756 IMG_7758 IMG_7761 IMG_7769 IMG_7771 IMG_7796

Mudchute Park & Farm

It was good to meet all the friendly animals once again. We watched them eating their lunch and they watched us eating our picnic lunch. We are glad we do not eat what they eat.

A Great Day Out at Mudchute Park & Farm

IMG_8328 IMG_8337 IMG_8378 IMG_8384 IMG_8402 IMG_8403

Canary Wharf

There were lots of people at Canary Wharf as well as lots of us. They were going to work and we went to watch and play. Best of all, we liked watching the fountains.

A Great Day Out at Canary Wharf

IMG_7682 IMG_7684 IMG_7692 IMG_7704 IMG_7706