Limehouse Day Nursery has been designed to accommodate different ages of children and different activities. Children move from one area to another according to what they are doing and the function of the space. There are indoor and outdoor play areas which include zones for messy play. There are areas for more formal learning, with tables and chairs, and cosy corners, with fluffy cushions, for relaxing story times. Children sit ‘at the table’ in the dining area for their meals which are served from our own kitchen. The spaces are often divided by child gates which segregate an area (keeping children safer) while maintaining the illusion of open plan.

Limehouse Day Nursery has a separate dedicated ‘Baby Room’ for children under the age of one and a ‘Pre-toddler Room’ for children between the ages of one and two. Children in the ‘Baby Room’ and the ‘Pre-toddler Room’ have regular contact with older children throughout the day and are moved into the older age groups, with Toddlers (ages 2-3) and Preschool (ages 3+), to observe and participate in certain activities when appropriate. Some time (depending on the weather) is spent outside, each day.

Limehouse Day Nursery outside space has an undercover bike park and pram park. Some of the outside play area is under cover and some open to the elements. There are seasonal plants in containers and children have the opportunity to experience growing their own food and serving it.


Separate children’s toilets with hand basins.

A separate hygienic baby changing area.

Separate toilet and shower facilities for adults.

Staff Rooms

The high tech office is on the first floor.

There is an area where staff may talk to parents confidentially, if necessary.

There is a comfortable and relaxing staff room for individuals or groups of staff to take breaks away from areas being used by children.