Ofsted Report 22 March 2016 ‘Good’ (click)

What the Ofsted Report of 22/10/2013 said about the quality and standards of the early years provision at Limehouse Day Nursery

Limehouse Day Nursery provision is good

“Staff provide a stimulating, vibrant outdoor space for children and children have many good opportunities to learn outside.

Staff work effectively with parents and outside agencies to meet the individual needs of children.

Children enjoy the nutritious meals and drinks and learn about the importance of  healthy eating.

Staff have caring, affectionate relationships with children; as a result children are happy and settled at the nursery.”

Limehouse Day Nursery “is not yet outstanding because”:- 

”Staff have not considered ways to inform parents of how they can share learning at home, to support their child’s learning further.”

Limehouse Day Nursery intend to become outstanding and are informing parents of how they can share learning at home, in many different ways. Parents have access to information, books and activity sheets that reflect what their child is experiencing and learning at Limehouse Day Nursery.

02 10 13 Ofsted report available at: ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports… (click)

Ofsted Good