Free 30 Hour Childcare

Free 30 hour/week childcare places are going to be available at this nursery and playgroup soon.

We are just waiting to get the start date from the local council .

Once we have the information we will let you know .

Go to the contact tab and fill in your details and we email the details and criteria as soon we receive them.


Summer Fun

Last summer Limehouse Day Nursery went on lots of fun trips and had many adventures. We went to Victoria Park; Mile End Park; Mudchute Park and Farm; Pontoon Dock; the London Aquarium; fed the ducks on the River Thames and Limehouse Basin; and saw Angry Birds at the cinema.

Woburn Safari Park

The whole of Limehouse Day Nursery, all the children, staff and some parents spent an exciting day at Woburn Safari Park on 29th July 2016. We went on a ‘Wild Ride’ on ‘The Road Safari’ and met lots of animals along the way. Our special favourites were the cheeky monkies. We saw how animals behave in the wild and what they like to eat. We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed walking and playing in the park.

Look in Summer Fun (click) for photos.

LIMEfest 2016 was an outstanding success. It was so much fun for all ages. Limehouse Day Nursery contributed a valuable information stall alongside ‘cup cake decorating’, ‘giant bubble making’ and ‘head in hole – photo boards’, which delighted young and old.


Ex-pupil Monica returns to Limehouse Day Nursery as a volunteer to help young ones walk in her footsteps.

“Hi, my name is Monica Finegan-Cudby. I started at Limehouse day Nursery when I was 3 months old in the year 2000. I was here until I was 4 years old and left in the year 2005. I then returned to volunteer at the nursery in 2015 as part of my Duke of Edinburgh silver award. This consisted of doing 1 hour per week in the pre-school department and I am currently still a volunteer here. Each week I help the children to learn to read. At the beginning, this was a very eye opening experience as it showed me how much children can learn in a short space of 1 hour. I watched each week as the children learned to read and recognise words and letters. I am looking forward to continuing helping the children achieve their development milestones. This is an experience that I will never forget as it has given me the confidence to comfortably engage with young children, being here has also helped my social skills by enabling me to talk to parents confidently and participate in everyday childcare routines. Both of these skills have helped me to become a more outgoing person in my everyday life. I would like to thank all of the staff at the Limehouse Day Nursery for giving me this unforgettable opportunity and helping me to become the person I am today.”

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Story Time with Monica

On Friday 23rd October Wear it Pink‘ (click) day at Limehouse Day Nursery, we raised £71.70 working together with our parents to support Wear it Pink in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness. Staff and children enthusiastically took part by wearing something pink and donating money to support this special day and such a worthy cause.

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