Food and Drink



At Limehouse Day Nursery all meals, snacks and drinks are provided, including baby formula. A choice of either Aptamil or Cow & Gate formula milk (any other variety may be supplied by a parent) is provided for all babies.

All Limehouse Day Nursery meals are lovingly prepared to an extremely high standard by our dedicated chef in our own kitchen and served ‘at the table’ in a family style setting.

Limehouse Day Nursery has a dedicated area and suitable facilities for the hygienic sterilisation of baby’s bottles, baby’s equipment and baby’s food preparation.

All Limehouse Day Nursery meals and snacks are delicious, healthy, balanced and nutritious. All meals are prepared daily from fresh, natural ingredients reflecting seasonal variations.

Limehouse Day Nursery ensures that the children have at least their 5-a-day, providing fresh fruit and vegetables at all meal-times, including snacks.

All dairy products are full fat without added sugar or salt.

Fresh drinking water is available and accessible at all times.

At Limhouse Day Nursery we maintain and continuously update each child’s food and drink record and act on information from parents about a child’s special health or dietary requirements, food preferences and food allergies. We depend on our close liaison with parents to keep us informed of any changes.

We are guided by the Childrens Food Trust (click) and closely monitor our menus and delivery to keep pace with the latest advice and advances in children’s nutrition.

Childrens Food Trust

Childrens Food Trust is the national charity protecting every child’s right to eat better and, so, to do better. Childrens Food Trust vision “That all children have the balanced diet, cooking skills and food education they need for good health and to reach their potential.” 

Weekly Menus are displayed in the foyer.

Sample Menus

Amounts in () a guide


Pure Orange or Apple Juice diluted 50:50 with water.

Cereals: ‘Cornflakes’, ‘Rice Crispies’ or ‘Weetabix’ (25g) with milk (100ml) with dried apricots or raisins (25g) or half a banana or pear or mixed berries (40g)

½ a toasted crumpet or ½ a toasted teacake or a slice of toasted wholemeal bread or a slice of malt loaf (35g) with spread (4g)

Plain full fat yoghurt (60g)

Hardboiled egg (50g) wholemeal bread ‘soldiers’ (25g) with spread (4g)

Spread: butter, honey, jam, marmite ….

Midmorning Snack

Milk (100ml)

Houmous (40g) sugar snap peas or carrot sticks (40g)

Fromage frais (60g) peach or banana slices (40g) 2 rice cakes (16g)

Tomato (40g) mozzarella cheese (17g) breadsticks (7g)

Melon (40g) muesli biscuit (35g)


Hot Lunch

Beef bolognaise (110g) with spaghetti (90g) and peas (40g)

Carrot cake (50g)

Mild chick pea and vegetable curry (120g) with brown rice (90g)

Fromage frais (60g) with fruit compote (40g)

Salmon and broccoli Pasta bake (200g) with sweetcorn (40g)

Apple crumble (60g) custard (40g)

Fish pie with mashed potato topping (200g) with seasonal vegetables (40g)

Lemon sponge pudding (50g) with lemon sauce (30g)

Chicken casserole with seasonal vegetables (120g) and roasted potato wedges (90g)

Apple baked with dried fruit (50g) milk pudding (40g)

Afternoon Snack


Fresh fruit cocktail

Peaches and vanilla sauce

Fruit fool

Rice pudding

Sandwiches, wraps, crumpets, buns …


Homemade soup (60g) and roll (35g)

Baked potato (150g) with cream cheese and cucumber filling (60g)

Chicken and vegetable couscous salad (150g)

Tuna and sweetcorn wholemeal pasta (150g) red pepper sticks (30g)

Quiche (70g) cucumber sticks (40g) potato salad (90g)

Beans (50g) on toast (35g)


Rice pudding (75g) sultanas (25g)

Fruit crumble (60g) yoghurt (60g)

Fruit (40g) and yoghurt (60g)

Blueberry muffin (60g)


Meal and Snack Times vary according to age of child and section of the nursery

Breakfast  7.15 – 8.45

Midmorning Snack  10.30

Lunch  12.30 – 1.30

Tea-time  3.30 – 4.30

Evening Snack  6.00