Opening Times

Open: Monday to Friday 7.00 am – 7.00 pm. (latest child pick up 6.45)

Closed: weekends, bank holidays, 4 training days/year and I week over Christmas/New Year

Home Time

Parents are expected to pick children up promptly at the time specified at enrolment, unless otherwise arranged with a senior member of staff.

If for any reason you are unavoidably delayed please let us know.

The latest time to collect your child in the evening is 6.45pm.

This allows all staff to exit the building by 7.00pm.

Failure to collect a child at the appointed time

If you arrive after 7.00pm to collect your child, you will have to pay an additional fee equal to the overtime payments of 2 members of staff.

If you arrive between 7.00pm and 7.15 the additional fee is £15, thereafter £15 for every 15 minutes until 8.00pm when the additional fee doubles to £30 for every 15 minutes.

If a child is not collected by 8.00pm, if you have not been in contact with us, we then by law have a duty to contact Social Services.

Additional fees are due to be paid when you next pay your fees. If the additional fee is not paid your child will excluded from the nursery.

In the extremely unlikely event of a child going missing Limehouse Day Nursery has a rigorously tested protocol which cannot be revealed publically for security reasons.

‘Dropping Off’ and ‘Picking Up’ Children

Parents (as well as staff) are required to register onto our door entry system.

The door entry system logs parents and staff on and off the premises. This record is a requirement of Ofsted.

All parents must log in independently and not seek to gain entry as a group.

Only parents (or persons made known to Limehouse Day Nursery staff with previously agreed permission from the parents) are allowed to collect children.

If you wish a person, not known to us, to collect your child, it must be arranged in advance and a signed letter of authorisation is required. For security reasons authorisation cannot be given by telephone.

It is a requirement of OFSTED that each parent sign their child/ren in and out of the nursery. The log is kept by the use of the fingerprint recognition door entry system.

Only parents and Limehouse Day Nursery staff can gain access to the nursery via the finger print recognition system. All others visitors ring the doorbell and are met and vetted by a member of staff. If the visitors are not known, they are asked to provide proof of identity and if that is unsatisfactory, refused entry.

Training Days

As part of our commitment your children and our staff, Limehouse Day Nursery has four training days a year for all members of staff.

The nursery is closed on these days. You will receive notice of the dates in advance to enable you to make alternative arrangements for your child’s care. We are sorry if this causes you any inconvenience but to deliver quality childcare for your child we need to ensure that all members of staff are trained to the standard that you and we require.

Parents Weeks

Parents’ weeks are held three times a year. Written notice will be given in advance. During the parents’ weeks, you will have the opportunity to see for yourself how well your child is progressing and what they usually get up to on a daily basis. You will be given a comprehensive update on your child’s progress and development in all areas. If parents wish to discuss their child’s progress or have any concerns, at any other time, please arrange to see a senior member of staff.


Parents are asked not to bring their children into the nursery wearing jewellery, with money or any other valuables. Parents are also asked not to bring their children to the nursery with their own toys.

We cannot accept responsibility for any damage or loss of valuables.