The daily experience of children in early years settings and the overall quality of provision depends on all practitioners having appropriate qualifications, training, skills and knowledge and a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

All staff receive induction training to help them understand their roles and responsibilities in Limehouse Day Nursery. Induction training includes information about emergency evacuation procedures, safeguarding, child protection, our equality policy, and health and safety issues. Limehouse Day Nursery supports staff to undertake appropriate training and continuous professional development opportunities to ensure they offer quality learning and development experiences for children, that continually improve.

All Limehouse Day Nursery staff who have contact with children and families are effectively supervised and provided with ongoing support. Effective supervision provides coaching and training for the practitioner to improve their personal effectiveness and promotes the interests of children. Supervision fosters a culture of mutual support, teamwork and continuous improvement, which encourages the confidential discussion of sensitive issues.

Supervision provides opportunities for Limehouse Day Nursery staff to identify and discuss any issues, particularly those concerning children’s development and well-being and identify solutions to address those issues as they arise.