Limehouse Day Nursery Fees from 1st April 2017

                                                Full-time Fees

Monthly   £1,200.00

Weekly     £300.00

Daily         £75.00                            

Fees using the Free 15 Hours/week or Free 30 Hours/week places as part of your Full-time or Term-time childcare fees:

Using Free 15 Hours/week

Term-time (38 weeks)                       Full-time (52 weeks)

Weekly       £200.00                                            £220.00                                                                                  

Monthly                                                                 £920.00

Using Free 30 Hours/week

Term-time (38 weeks)                       Full-time (52 weeks)

Weekly       £100.00                                            £145.00                                                                    

Monthly                                                                £650.00 

Sessions Daily Weekly Monthly
1 Day £75.00 £75.00 £325.00
2 Days   £150.00 £650.00
3 Days   £200.00 £860.00
4 Days   £250.00 £1020.00
5 Days   £300.00 £1200.00

Emergency Sessions (subject to availability) are £80.00/day.

All types of Nursery Vouchers are accepted.

We are Registered for the new Tax Free Childcare.

(Equivalent to 20% discount on paid Nursery Fees up to £2,000)

We have a number of Free 15 Hours/week places for 2 year olds – check with us for eligibility.

We have Free 15 Hours/week places for all 3 & 4 year olds.

Free 30 Hours/week places are available – check with us for eligibility. 

All funded 15 & 30 Hours/week places are for Term-time only. That is 38 weeks per year.

If you require just the basic Free 30 Hours/week, there is a £20/week charge for lunches and snacks.

These sessions are held at our playgroup, The Old Station Playgroup in Three Colt Street Limehouse. The hours are 9.00am to 4.30 pm.

You can use the Free Hours towards a weekly or monthly place if you wish.

All Full-time fees are calculated over a 52-week year

All Term-time places are calculated over 38 weeks of a year.

Example of a Nursery Fee using Free 30 Hours/week and Tax Free Childcare for a Full-time Nursery Place:

Full Fee of £1200/month reduced by the value of Free 30 Hours/week & 20% for Tax Free Credit to £525 .00/month for a Full-time Nursery Place.

Over 3’s places use Free Childcare and Early Education (click) as part of the fees.

All meals and materials (other than nappies & wipes) are included in the Full-time fees.

A non-refundable registration fee of £25.00 is required when registering your child for a place at Limehouse Day Nursery. Apart from the registration fee, there is no additional fee for being on our waiting list.

Fees are charged for a 52 week year, all parents are expected to pay for the 52 week year, either by 52 weekly or 12 monthly payments. Fees are payable, weekly or monthly, in advance and must be paid no later than on the first day of the week or the month.

Full-time fees are charged for a full-time nursery place regardless of the amount of time a child spends at the nursery.

Refunds are not given in respect of family holidays or sickness.

One month’s notice is necessary if a child no longer requires their place at Limehouse Day Nursery.

Failure to give appropriate notice will result in the monthly fee being due.